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Have a big group? We'll bring the pottery to you!

We offer a great field trip program where your group can experience the fun of painting pottery.

Pottery is a great way for your group to express themselves!

Let us show you how to create functional and fun art your group will treasure for years.

Paint washes off all surfaces and clothing and is non-toxic.

We will kiln fire the pottery and return your items wrapped and labeled to your facility within 2 weeks.

Just provide us a space with tables, chairs and access to water for clean up.


Off Site offering:

 - ice-cream bowl

- 8" salad plate

- 10oz mug

- 4" Animal Variety


2024 Pricing Per Child: 

18-24 kids $18 

25-49 kids $15 

50-74 kids $14

75+ $13

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