Time To Clay

Hot, Hot Hot

  • Fused Glass Art is HOT....

...at Time To Clay

Now offering a wide variety of glass fusing projects.

Choose from pendants and earrings to sun-catchers, night lights, bowls and plates.

It's fun, easy and available on a walk-in basis.

Here's How It Works:

Choose a base piece of glass.

Select a design or let your creativity flow.

Arrange smaller pieces of colored glass to create your design.

Glue glass pieces in place.

We'll fire your item in our special glass kiln to fuse(melt) all

your pieces into one piece of glass.

Take your project to the next level:

Choose between 2 firing options

Full Fuse: All glass pieces fire to a smooth finish.

Tac Fuse: A cooler firing leaving the pieces slightly raised to

create a 3-d effect.

Slump Firing: A second firing that allows a flat piece of glass

to form/slump into a shape like a bowl or plate. 

Glass Fusing