Time To Clay


Earn $$$$$$$ for your cause at TIME TO CLAY!

Option 2: Want to help your school or group,

But don't want a private party?......

Let us handle the details. Book a weekend to host your fundraiser at Time To Clay, copy and hand out our pre-made flyer.

Your group mentions the flyer or fundraiser when they arrive to paint pottery or fuse glass. We'll track the sales your group generates and kick back 20%.

Option 3: Fundraiser at your facility.....

The most successful fundraisers are held where the people are. Perfect option for private and public elementary schools. ask us how your school can make a nice profit helping students make holiday, mothers and fathers day gifts.

We will help with all the ordering, supplies and pottery, plus bag everything by family for easy distribution.

Option 1: Time To Clay One Day Event- Private Party

Choose an evening to host your event at our Time To Clay studio.

Invite as many people as you like (up to 70) to your event. Time To Clay will give back 20% of all the evenings proceeds to your organization. plus each guest will receive a $5 Gift Certificate to return to Time To Clay another time.

Everybody wins !!!!

Available Fundraiser Days & Times:

Monday & Wednesday 6-9 pm

Saturday 7-10 pm

Sunday 10am-12 & 6-9 pm