Time To Clay

Muddy Monday Clay Class

February 13

4:00- 5:15



Time To Clay offers clay on a walk-in basis for those

with clay experience.

We offer a low fire white clay for hand building.

We have a slab roller and multiple clay tools to help you make your masterpiece

from scratch.

Handy "Clay Instruction & Tip" sheet to help you along the way.

We are happy to assist you with the basics and welcome people new to clay to

schedule time in our studio for extra assistance.

How It Works:

Step 1- Create your clay item using our tools.

Step 2- After completion your clay item

will dry at Time To Clay for 1 week. The

item is fired and ready for painting 2

weeks after completion.

Step 3- Return to paint your item in our studio

(studio fee applies).

Step 4- Your item is glazed and fired a

second time.


Clay Price: $25.00 for 2lbs.

Includes 2 firings.